Corporate Affairs and Project Management

  1. Working closely with top management providing advice on management systems, management reporting, monitoring of daily reports, monthly reports etc.
  2. Preparation of Road-Map for short and long term to achieve Company vision
  3. Preparation of short-term and long-term plans
  4. Preparation of budgets and budgetary control processes
  5. Strategic planning activities
  6. Review of Annual Reports to develop understanding of corporate performance
  7. Advisory services including business development, true value assessment and economics as required
  8. Preparation of report for investment decisions
  9. Provide support in organizational restructuring for companies to achieve better productivity. Organizational restructuring (Finalization of organogram) to increase efficiency and productivity
  10. Provide support forĀ talent identification from large number of available CVs
  11. Assessment of resumes and provide completed standard assessment formĀ for review
  12. Evaluation and preparation of competency matrix process
  13. Training and Development processes
  14. Contracts Management: Distribution of funds based on contracts duration
  15. Checking of invoices, procedures, work performed and payments to be made to contractors
  16. Coordination with purchase department

Upstream Oil and Gas

  1. Assessment of Reserves and Resources of Oil companies to provide independent view on portfolio management.
  2. Provide Domain expertise support to Oil and Gas Companies.
  3. Support in setting up of Center of Excellence related to Energy sector and other sectors.
  4. Other advisory services including business development, true value assessment and economics as required.

Corporate Training covering different topics like:

  1. Training on appearing for interview
  2. Presentation skills training along with Practical training sessions
  3. Leadership presentation sessions
  4. Advice on problem solving in industry
  5. Development of Leadership skills
  6. Training in petroleum reserves assessment and portfolio management. Training in Reservoir Management.
  7. Training on different topics related to upstream oil and gas industry